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Heyo, Dear Reader

Howdy kids, I'm Marc-Anthony. I write things and some people like 'em. Sometimes, I post those things on this here blog. Free entertainment from me to you. If you want to keep closer track of my shenanigans and goings-on, you can also add me on FaceBook.

Also, I post a new piece of orginal, nowhere-else-on-the-internet kids' art every weekday on my other blog, The Crayon is Mightier! If you're a freak (or just a parent or kid) you might dig it.

If you are local (Central Illinois area) and interested in meeting for business/creative interactions, or just wanna say hello, I hold office hours most Tuesdays & Thursdays between 12pm and 3pm (or later with appointment) at Caffe Paradiso.

If you drop in, I may be free, but if you want to assure I’ll be there and available, please shoot me an e-mail at FindPenwan(at)gmail(dot)com. Just a tiny warning: I often write about the people I randomly meet in public, so if you’re not comfy with the world getting a taste of my take on you, you may want to steer clear.

Elegant Tree Flower Disaster Exclamation

I've just been informed that my job - which I adore and have been adoring since the year 2000 - will no longer exist, very shortly. I've no idea what to do.


Scary Normal Trailer

Severed Heads! Kids! Suburbia! Proto-lesbian love & me in a comb-over wig.
I'm starting to sort my stacks of Meikon art into what I wish to keep, to sell, to give to friends, etc. To that end, you'll all be doing me a tremendous favor if you'd page through the current full collection of Meikon pieces and tell me which ones are your favorites.

That way, I'll have some metric of public opinion and which pieces should demand a slightly higher price than others.



The Monster Don't Stop [Lost, Stolen & Found Penwan Boys 0]


Of men and monsters: Why we watch

Nick and I went to the Savoy theater to see a double feature of Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein. Most of the audience was made up of middle-aged people with Down’s syndrome. It was odd at first: We almost felt left out, as though we missed a memo, and I wondered what exactly was going on. Were they all there as a group, was it some special event, or had they all arrived independently? If the latter, why? Why come to see an old horror movie double feature, and not all the other flicks I’d seen at this theater?

When the lights dimmed and the first feature began, I remained in the dark, but partway through the evening, near the beginning of Bride, as the Monster stumbled his way into the hovel of a kindly, blind, violin-playing hermit who reacted with no fear; who offered food, wine, affection and friendship, I glanced around to see those faces in the audience, tilted and wistful, lit like lanterns from the screen, happily sighing themselves into this scene of respite from the constant misunderstandings, fear, hatred and judgment that their beloved Monster had faced, and I think after half a lifetime of adoring the cinema, I finally understand what it’s really for.

William, After the Ball

William, After the Ball

メーコン (Meikon) 2012


More art for all five of you!

Dulcinea Lights Reading Candles

Click the image for more.


I can't explain exactly why, but...

...I can't stop laughing at Screaming Fat Suzie McChristmasface.

Screaming Fat Suzie McChristmasface

Screaming Fat Suzie McChristmasface, メーコン (Meikon), 2012



AtarashiiDada pieces by メーコン

400 Years by メーコン (Meikon)

Girls: What Went Wrong by メーコン (Meikon)

Bruno’s Other Folio by Meikon (メーコン)

Friday Confessional

This week: Confess anything. A secret, a fear, a passion, a dream, a buried hatred, or a hidden delight that only you know about.

When I feel that the confession’s contents constitute an ostensible "sin," I’ll hand out a penance. Kneel and be remorseful.

IP logging is off. You may post anonymously, if you like.


Scary Normal is a Wrap!

Nettie's Leopard Look

Lloyd Gets Dressed Up

Click on the images to see more from this set. Go to Scary Normal to see even more pics and get info about the production!

Nettie and Lloyd plot their buddy cop show

Nettie Enters


To keep tabs on the production of this queer indie flick for kids, check out Scary Normal



Let's Be Friends

Let's Be Friends

Krakkenberry Breezer: Krakken Black Spiced Rum on ice with cranberry juice and fresh blueberries. Lovely summer sweetness.

Come on'a my house, my house.


A Story About a Story

"No one knew where the stupid grey rabbit was, but just about everyone seemed to care."

Online writing class with

I'm taking an online writing class this summer. Taught by Francesca Lia Block of Weetzie Bat fame. Her young adult work is a lush species of beatnik, spiced with rum and magical realism. This is a tremendous opportunity, and I intend to leap on it.

If you take the class, too, I'll know that I've love at least one other person in the class. Join us!

This is the hand. The hand that takes.

If you ever wanted to have an Mp3 of junior high kids singing Laurie Anderson's "O Superman," you get your wish:

O Superman (For Massenet)

O Superman (For Massenet)


An Evening Without Laurie Anderson

DramaApril112012 040

(Click on the image to see more)

If you live within driving distance, the event is open to the public: An Evening Without Laurie Anderson
O Superman (For Massenet)

Someone Else's Dream

If you live within driving distance, the event is open to the public: An Evening Without Laurie Anderson

An Evening Without Laurie Anderson

I teach theatre at a tiny little junior high school in rural Illinois. For our school play this year, the kids and I decided to perform pieces and songs from performance artist, Laurie Anderson. The kids are leading the way with the visual aesthetic (as well as everything else), so they're drawing images that we'll use to create the set, props and rear screen projections. Here are some samples:

Walk the Dog

Walk the Dog

(Notice that "Home Sweet Home" is on fire.)

More!Collapse )
Strange Angels

03-26-2012 10;24;21AM

The Ugly One with the Jewels

03-26-2012 10;07;00AM

Illinois people: Be sure to attend An Evening Without Laurie Anderson in Mahomet (Near Champaign-Urbana) on April 20th and 21st!

An Evening Without Laurie Anderson

Come to my show! Here's the event page

First attempt

Insect Fear Film Festival Petting Zoo Fun

Over here

I have a tumblr. Be advised.

The Fish Milk

Some random somethings


He has bees.

He has bees

If you have better ideas for his sign, photoshop that shit and leave a link here.


Infestations: A Pointless Story

Infestations Poster

Infestations: A Pointless Soundtrack

The April Crash’s 1998 bubblegum proto pop punk soundtrack to the stage production Infestations: A Pointless Story, with dialogue. Download. Enjoy. Share. Continue enjoying.


Battle of Angels

Battle of Angels

Click for more.


And now, this:



More oddball kids' art at The Crayon is Mightier!

More oddball kids' art at The Crayon is Mightier!

The Deadly Feet


More oddball kids' art at The Crayon is Mightier!



More oddball kids' art at The Crayon is Mightier!


Thar she blows!

My partner Danny has a wonderful write-up about the original Moby Dick pieces that we purchased from artist Matt Kish over at his literary blog, Imagined Icebergs. Pictures of the pieces gracing our walls can be found on the post, too, along with links to other pieces for sale (for very reasonable prices) and links to buy the collected book, which promises to be impressive beyond all reason. Yay!


Daily life (so it goes)


More weirdo kids' art at The Crayon Is Mightier!


Hail Satan Bunny

MidToLateAugust2011 361


Quitting Team Teem

Quitting Team Teem is my new piece about group identity over at the continually challenging and inspiring PrettyQueer. Feel free to leap in, read, comment, debate and otherwise have fun. Also, check out the other stimulating, insightful and often hilarious articles by my fellow writers on the site. I'm very proud to be a part of what looks to be an important venture in giving voice to atypical queerfolk!



Putt-Putt Purgatorio
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